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When you desire to stay in a peaceful, upmarket part of the city of Berlin, and you are searching for inexpensive accommodation, then our bright and friendly furnished rooms are perfect for you. Our modern and comfortable furnished rooms have warm wood tones providing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  All rooms have a bath or shower, toilet, TV and a personal telephone. For allergy sufferers, we offer our allergy rooms. Suitable wet wipes. After you wake up, enjoy the lovely view, a green oasis within an exclusive residential quarter, developed in the middle of the 19th Century.  The exclusive residential areas of the founding years of Berlin portray themselves with complex grounds and planned road patterns, avenues with roads and footpaths which are separated by aligned grass strips and as well as a multitude of well-invested places.  Even the railway stations, lightings and technical installations are adapted to this architectural concept.

Hotel tour

The way from the train station to the hotel


Enjoy your stay!